Get Paid With Your Internet Access

Getting Paid? What Are You Talking About?

Yes, I am talking about getting paid to do thins we already do on the internet. For example, surfing the web, checking emails, or simply just chatting with your pals. Interested? Read on!

**You will NOT have to buy anything or pay for anything to participate.


You'll have to sign up with the web sites that are providing this service. There are tons of them on the web.

How Much Can I Make?

It depends. Most get-paid-to-surf programs pays you about from 20 cents to 70 cents. Get-paid-to-email programs pays about 5 cents for each email. As for the get-paid-to-use-chat program, it pays $1 dollar to $2 dollars for 1 message.

How Can I Make More?

When someone join the program and enter your user name while they sign up. That would be a referral for you. You'll get a bonus for every hour they surf the web too. Don't under estimate the power of referrals, because the referrals system is like a pyramid. Your referrals will refer other people too. So You'll get thousands more times money with referralsthan you can with only yourself.

How Can I Start Getting Paid?

Choose however you wanna get paid below, of couse, you can use as many programs as you want.

and choose the program(s) you are most interested in.

Get Paid To Refer/Speed up your internet speed


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